Our three-year-old daughter fell asleep, and I told my husband I wanted to go somewhere relaxing, but new. He took on his best thinking posture – twirling his hair and whispering to himself.
Finally, he and said, “We could go to Tea and Poets. They have games there that we can play, and we can take our own games too.”
Such a great idea!
We grabbed our favorite, easily transportable games, and loaded into the car.
It was raining the entire way to our favorite outdoor mall, Sunset Place, and when we arrived, we were glad to be parking in a parking structure where we wouldn’t get wet.
We made our way to Tea and Poets.

Tea and Poets

storefront, tea, poets, tea and poets, tea and poets storefront
Tea and Poets storefront

When we walked in, we were immediately drawn to the sunglasses. We started trying them on, when we heard a voice from behind us say, “Hi. Welcome to Tea and Poets.”
We turned around, and found a friendly, smiling face, “If you need anything, my name is Bianca.”
We thanked her and proceeded to try on basically every pair of sunglasses they had on display.
We finally walked to the counter and began asking questions.

Ordering Tea 

My husband asked his favorite question, “What do you recommend?”
Bianca started pulling little tins out of a box and sniffing their contents. She handed one of the tins over to us, and said, “ This one’s my favorite, it has cranberries and is sweet and fruity. We use it to make the Berry Delicious.”
We smelled a few more tea options, and finally decided on the iced Berry Delicious tea (for me) and the iced Catch the Bouquet (for him).
Then Bianca asked us, “Did you want them with sake?”
I blinked rapidly, and said, “I’m sorry. Sake where?”
She smiled, “We can put sake in your tea.”
Now I was smiling too, “Yes, please.”
So my husband and I got sake in our teas.
Tea, Tea and sake, sake
Hers and his teas with sake. They were so good. 

Spilling the Tea on the Tea

My tea was sweet, and the taste of grapefruit was reminiscent of a refreshing cold lemonade on a hot day. My husband’s tasted more aromatic, like walking through a field of flowers, in the very sweetest, delicious way possible.

Food Options

They didn’t have a lot to choose from in terms of meals. Only two sandwiches (one media noche and one egg salad) and one chicken caesar wrap. But they had plenty of snacks and sweets to choose from. I munched on some Sunchips and a carrot cake cookie.
Carrot cake
The carrot cake cookie was delicious! And healthy because it has carrots, right?

Events at Tea and Poets

I found out that the cafe hosts poetry events.
poems, poetry, contest, poetry contest, Tea and Poets
Upcoming Poetry Contests at Tea and Poets

They also host paint nights – those are all the rage nowadays because they are so fun.

paint night, poetry night, Tea and Poets
Poetry Nights and Paint Nights at Tea and Poets

Our Purchase

My husband bought me this beautiful ring they had for sale!
ring, turquoise, silver, turquoise and silver ring, turquoise ring, silver ring
Isn’t it pretty? 

How We Spent Our Time at Tea and Poets

We sat in the cafe, played our games, and sipped our tea at our leisure, safe from the rainy night outside.
tea, card game, Dead Man's Draw, Tea and Poets
Me with Dead Man’s Draw card game and my tea.


pizza, pizza shirt, Tea and Poets, card game, Dead Man's Draw
Cool pizza shirt, dude.

Thank you for a lovely evening out, Tea and Poets!
Like the Terminator, “I’ll be back.”
Photo taken from: https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/450/19869372178_6bf3dc0a10_b.jpg

What’s your favorite cafe or tea or coffee place? Are there any in South Florida that I must check out? Let me know in the comments.