storefront, Tijuana Taxi Co, Tijuana Taxi Co Storefront.
Tijuana Taxi Co. Look at the pretty lights in the window. I was like a moth to a flame of light arcs.

Groupon Getaway: The Restaurant

After our relaxing 2-hour couple’s retreat, we had quite the appetite.

We didn’t get a Groupon for lunch, but we did get a Groupon for the hotel (which we planned to check-in to after our feast).

The Exterior of the Restaurant

As we were driving into the shopping center, we saw this place with colorful light arcs on the windows.
Just like the spa, the exterior of the restaurant was underwhelming – except for those fun-looking colorful light arcs.
Tijuana Taxi Co.? Is it a Mexican taxi company? No. It can’t be. So, I Googled it, and it was a restaurant!
Say what?!
I had to see what those arcs of lights were all about, so we walked over there.

The Restaurant Experience

“Hi. Welcome,” said a waiter that stood by a group patrons seated at a table on the patio.
We walked in, and a hostess greeted us, “Hi. Two?”
She grabbed a couple of menus and directed us to our table — a cute little booth made for two.
Looking around, I noticed that this was not the typical Mexican restaurant. It had so many vibrant colors everywhere and seemingly random signs, flags, posters, etc hung on the walls and ceiling, and I couldn’t help but imagine myself in a busy Mexican marketplace.
Interior decor of Tijuana Taxi Co, banners, signs, pinata cacti, tv
Viva Mejico! Bourbon St.? What a multicultural fiesta!
I could already tell that this meal was not only going to be all about stuffing food into my mouth, and chewing until my belly was full. It was going to be an experience.
Condiment rack, Corona salt shaker, Corona pepper shaker, Heinz Ketchup, Cholula Hot Sauce, Tobasco Sauce, Specials
Condiments and specials.


Pizza shirt, holding menu
My husband in his cool pizza t-shirt that (sure, why not?) totally fit in with the theme of the restaurant.
A minute later, our waitress welcomed us and asked what she could get us to drink. I asked for water because I’d already had my fill of flavored fluids with the wine and tea we drank at the spa. My husband ordered a diet coke.

The Food

She brought us a basket of tortilla chips and a little container of salsa. That was very good. We ordered the queso dip to finish eating our tortilla chips. It was good! But we wanted to try another appetizer.
Tijuana Taxi Co Menu, Chips, salsa, chips and salsa
Me with the menu and the tortilla chips and salsa.
We looked at our menus for what seemed like twenty minutes before we decided to try the “Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes.”
Screencapped description of the Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes taken from Tijuana Taxi Co website
Screencap from
We asked about the spiciness of the salsa verde, and the waitress suggested we get it on the side, so we did.
While we waited for our appetizer, we decided to share the “Rattle Snake Tacos” for two reasons:

1. It sounds badass to eat rattlesnake.
2. They aren’t made of actual rattlesnake.


Screencap taken from the Tijuana Taxi Co Menue describing Rattlesnake Tacos
Screencap from


Sweet Corn Cakes” (left), our “Rattle Snake Tacos” (top middle), queso dip (bottom middle), and tortilla chips with salsa (right).
Pictured here are our mostly eaten “Sweet Corn Cakes” (left), our “Rattle Snake Tacos” (top middle), queso dip (bottom middle), and tortilla chips with salsa (right).
We didn’t love the refried beans or the Mexican rice that came with our tacos, but we loved, loved the tacos — the crunch of the chopped up radish was phenomenal.
Two tacos touching, plate of refried beans and Mexican rice with a taco
Taco cheers!
The “Sweet Corn Tamale Cakes” were to die for — the creamy, salty notes of the guacamole and sour cream with the fluffy sweet notes of the cakes made for a heavenly symphony of taste and texture. I’ll be dreaming about those little corn cakes for years to come.

Overall Impression

Overall, we ate amazing food and received great service from the staff. If I were a restaurant critic (which I am in my own head), I’d give Tijuana Taxi Co, a 10 out of 10.
As if I wasn’t happy enough with my experience, I received a delicious dessert in the form of one of my favorite things: a pen.
When we got the credit card back with the check to sign, there was a pen with their logo inside the billfold. I asked if their pens were for sale and — get this — a lovely employee gave me one. For free.
My Tijuana Taxi Co. pen! Score!
If you’re looking for some south of the border fun north of the border, I recommend you pay a visit to Tijuana Taxi Co.
These mariachis will be awaiting your visit.
Now, come on, let’s check in to the hotel

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