How myFinTect Helped Us Get Our Finances in Order by E. L. Lane


Hello!  And welcome aboard the Reverie River Boat tour down the Lanes’ Financial River!

Please keep your arms, hands, and feet inside the boat at all times, and enjoy the voyage!

Bon Voyage!


How myFinTect Helped Us Get Our Finances in Order by E. L. Lane


Our journey begins in October of 2018 when we are blessed with a baby boy.

We have a little money saved up and boxes of diapers from the baby shower, so financially, we’re just chugging along on our newborn baby Reverie River Boat.

Rough Waters Ahead!

But, as we enter month two of our journey, the financial waters start getting rough – our diaper stash runs out and the baby needs an expensive hypoallergenic formula.

Then, our little boat loses its steering mechanism when we realize that we’ve maxed out all four of my credit cards.

Things only get worse when we see that we’re headed for giant rocks and certain doom – we discuss the possibility of my husband applying for his first-ever credit card.


We trigger the S.O.S. signal by asking my husband’s parents for help, and they throw us a life vest when they tell us about Financial Peace University.


E. L. Lane's Financial Peace University Book and Notebooks


Financial Peace University is a nine-week course that shows us which fork in the river to take to find safer financial waters.

Smoother Waters Ahead

With the help of Financial Peace University, we’re able to course-correct and find calmer waters with a beautiful view of a rainbow in the distance.

We’re even able to use what we learn to pay off one of my credit cards!

But, our steering mechanism is still missing.

Financial Peace University has shown us the route to take, but we aren’t exactly sure how to bring our costs down and maximize how we use our income to keep our boat afloat and prosperous.


That’s when I dock the boat at the South Florida Blogger Awards and hear about myFinTect.


How myFinTect Helped Us Get Our Finances in Order by E. L. Lane


myFinTect (a.k.a My Financial Architect)  is a modern financial planning and coaching company that helps you design your finances according to your lifestyle and personal needs.

As I type my message on Instagram, I think, “Maybe myFinTect can help us get a steering mechanism.”

I initially reach out to myFinTect to see if I can attend a workshop, but, after a short phone conversation, Ricardo and Claudia offer us a one-on-one couples’ consultation.

We don’t quite know how the consultation is going to help us, but we welcome any help we can get.


First, myFinTect gives us a flashlight in the form of homework. The homework asks us to list all of our expenses to help us get a better look at our income versus our expenses.

Then, they provide the steering mechanism, and the tools we need to install it, during the consultation.

This is what the video-call consultation with Ricardo consists of:

  • Ricardo gives us a magnifying glass.
    • He looks at each item in our budget and shows us where we could lower our costs.
      • Can you believe we are spending $30 a month more than we have to on our cable and internet package? That’s $360 a year we’re now saving!
    • He also gives us ideas on how to increase our income, and ways we can keep track of how much money we’re spending in each category in our budget.
  • Next, he gives us the other tools and shows us where to install our steering mechanism.
    • He looks at my credit card debt and shows us how to use the money that we have, and that we’re saving, to pay off my credit cards faster.
      • Ricardo even plugs the numbers into a calculator and shows us how long it will take us to pay off all of my credit cards!
        • I’ve been accumulating and paying off this debt for 13 years! And it’s only going to take us a year and a half to pay them all off – we can almost taste the rainbow in the distance.
  • And, finally, he teaches us how to steer our boat where ever we want to go.
    • He helps us make short-term, middle-term, and long-term financial plans, then shows us how we can use our income to make them happen.
    • Ricardo explains how and when to start saving (i.e., for Luke and Leia’s college educations and for retirement for my husband and me).

Now that myFinTect has given us our steering mechanism and helped us learn to steer toward success, we’re going to have a happier boat ride down the financial river of life.

Smooth Sailing

I spoke to a friend of mine about our financial journey with Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, and she said, “ His approach works great in theory, but it wasn’t for me.”

Financial Peace University isn’t a one-size-fits-all plan, it just gives you a smoother financial route to follow, but myFinTect, helps you plan your route in a way that suits your personal needs and goals in order to make your financial voyage more enjoyable and tailored to your lifestyle.


How myFinTect Helped Us Get Our Finances in Order by E. L. Lane


Thank you, myFinTect, for helping us steer our finances in a direction that works for us and our family!

And thank you for hopping onto our Reverie River Boat and riding down Lanes’ Financial River with us!


If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about anything I mention in this post, please contact me here. Or comment below. I’d love to hear from you!


Have a great one, lovely!



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P.S. This post is the result of a collaboration between myFinTect and myself. Please make sure to follow them on Instagram to get financial tips! Or visit their website to see how they can help you get your finances in order.