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By E. L. Lane and Stehli Krause


This article is part of a series that helps you start a blog with the “6 Things You Need to Start Your Own Blog,” and shows you the essentials to improve your blog with the “8 Things You Need to Take Your Blog to the Next Level.” Make sure to check these out for more helpful tips and tricks. And, now, on with the show.


If you want to make videos to go along with your blog posts, you’re going to need some kind of video editing app or software.


Here are one app and one computer program that I use to edit my videos:


1. iMovie

This program is available as an app that usually comes pre-downloaded to your iOS device or macOS. What I love about using the iMovie app on my iPhone is how easy it is to get a video from my phone, slice, dice, add text, and edit it all on the same device. It saves loads of time and looks professional.



2. Hit Film Express

Hit Film Express is a computer program that lets you edit longer videos and do some other fancy stuff to them. The Express version is free, but there’s are paid versions you can purchase if you do go the vlogger/YouTuber/blogger route.  



If you know of any other video editing apps that you like to use, let me know in the comments and I’ll update this post.

Happy editing, lovelies!



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P.S. This post is the result of a collaboration between Stehli Krause and I. Stehli is a travel blogger who writes about budget-friendly travel with kids. You can check out her blog by clicking here. And follow her on social media here.