graphic from fashion blog post and lightboard with monorail or train theme
On the left is the graphic that Gabby made for my guest post on nerdy/geeky fall/winter fashion. On the right is a photo I made for my social media accounts to advertise my Disney monorail ride down memory lane on Romina’s Mini Mummi Blog.
I have a two-part post outlined, and mostly ready to go about my worst day as a mom, but seeing as how it’s the holidays, and the subject matter of those posts is a bit heavy, I’m going to post something that is much more lighthearted and in-tune with the warm-and-fuzzy feeling of the holidays.


You might be wondering why I’ve been so quiet on my blog lately. Well, I’ve been guest posting on a couple of other blogs.


If you’re a newbie blogger, you might be asking yourself, “Why write something for someone else’s blog?” or “Why let someone else write on my blog?”


Keep reading, and I’ll tell you.


The holidays are all about kindness, collaboration, and goodwill toward your fellow man, and that’s exactly what collaborating with other bloggers is all about.


What are the advantages of guest posting on a blog?
1. Experimenting with writing about something that you’re not used to writing about, but that you may be interested in, could get your creative juices flowing.
  • I was out of good ideas for what to write about next, and finding a different kind of blog to write for was like a breath of fresh air. For example, I had the pleasure of writing up a post for Gaby’s fashion blog. I’ve never put together outfits for a blog post before, much less written about fashion, but I do love putting outfits together to go out and figured that I could share a few of my favorites. It was a pleasure working with Gaby and it was so much fun to see my written work on someone else’s site.


2. You make connections in the blogsphere.
  • Romina and I were already developing a friendship being in the same Facebook groups for bloggers and talking on social media, but I feel like after I contributed to her “Disney Delights” series, we’ve become even better friends. Maybe next time that Romina needs any Disney posts, or Gaby needs more nerdy outfits, they know they can come to me.  Also, it is a small, small world, so the more connections you make with other bloggers, the more you open yourself up to new opportunities. 

You can read my guest post on Mini Mummi Blogger’s mom life blog here.

3. You share your writing with a whole new group of readers.
  • That means more potential traffic to your blog and maybe even more subscribers to your mailing list or followers/likes on social media. After I guest posted to Gaby’s and Romina’s blogs, I got at least 50 new followers on Instagram and about 20 on Facebook.


What are the advantages of having someone guest post on your blog?
1. Posting someone else’s writing on your blog could be interesting for your readers.
  • The different voice or writing style of another blogger can bring a fresh perspective to a topic that you love, and since you’re giving your readers something new, they might be more likely to stay interested in your content when you continue with your regular programming.

2. You get a break.

  • Let’s say you post weekly, if you post someone else’s content on your blog, you can have a break that week, or use that week to create new content for the coming weeks. It’s a win/win for everyone!

3. You make connections in the blogsphere, and this can lead to greater opportunities.

  • Let’s say that your blog’s niche is: where to go to get the best golf equipment (Oh dear, why did I pick this analogy? I know nothing about golf.). And one of your blogger-friends finds a great new place to buy golfing equipment, they know to come to you to post about that place on your site. Then you and your site become the source where people go to find out where to get the best golf equipment. You become an expert and resource for bloggers and readers. 


Your writing is an extension of yourself, and when you share yourself with others, you open yourself up to a whole new world of possibilities. Allowing others to share themselves with you and your readers opens you up to making new friends, and isn’t sharing and friendship what the holidays are all about?


Be kind to yourself and others, and happy holidays, lovely!




E. L.